The mill today

Postmills were once a common type of mill in the UK and there were hundreds up and down the country. Wrawby Postmill is now one of only 45 remaining postmills. Unlike most of these remaining examples Wrawby Postmill is one of only a handful which is well maintained and in working condition.

Wrawby Postmill has been owned and maintained by the Wrawby Postmill Preservation Society since 1961 and many of the current members were involved with the initial restoration in 1965. The Preservation Society is staffed entirely by volunteers and they work tirelessly to ensure that the Postmill is kept well maintained in accordance with its English Heritage Grade 2* listing and that its important place in our agricultural history is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The Preservation Society host a number of open days at the Postmill each year where the mill is fully open to the public and members of the Society are available to give guided tours to visitors. Weather permitting our visitors often get to see the sails turning and if the wind changes direction there is even the chance to turn the mill on its post.

New volunteers are always needed to ensure that it is possible to hold these open days and if you feel you would be able to help please do get in contact

This video shows Wrawby Postmill being turned and explains some of the features you will encounter on a visit.

Video kindly reproduced with permission from John Bangay – English Heritage Artist.